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General Links

American Dairy Goat Association American Dairy Goat Assn. registry
ADGA Genetics Herdname Search & USDA yield and type data
Goat Journal  Goat publication
GoatWeb Internet website dedicated exclusively to goats. Includes veterinary FAQs, discussion forum, articles, etc.
American Goat Society American Goat Society registry
Michigan Goat Society Michigan Dairy Goat Society
American Boer Goat Association American Boer Goat Society
Dairy Goat Fact Book Dairy Goat Factbook
Goat Wisdom Lots of great information on goats
4-H Goats Resource Center 4-H Goats Resource Center
Oklahoma State University Information on Dairy Goat Breeds
Basic Goat Primer Basic goat primer
UC Davis Outstanding list of goat reference publications provided by UC Davis
CyberGoat Lots of links and information about dairy goats
Biotic Industries Biotic Industrices automatic feeding systems
Hoegger Supply Goat equipment and supplies
Caprine Supply Fencing, goat equipment, supplies
Hamby Dairy Supply Dairy supplies, milking equipment, other supplies
Valley Vet Goat medicines and supplies
Animal Health Express Vet supplies and animal health
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services Referecne for State Import Requirements
CDCB CDCB Production Inquiries
New England Cheesemaking Supply Cheesemaking Supplies
Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply Cheesemaking Supplies
Breed Websites
Alpines International Alpine Breed Club
American LaMancha Breeders Assn. LaMancha Breed Club
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Assn. Nigerian Dwarf Breed Club
American Nubian Breeders American Nubian Breed Club
International Nubian Breeders Assn. Nubian Breed Club
Oberhasli Goat Club Oberhasli Breed Club
Oberhasli Breeders of America Oberhasli Breed Club
National Saanen Breeders Assoc. Saanen Breed Club
Sable Dairy Goats Sable Breed Club
National Togg Club Toggenburg Breed Club
Guernsey Goats Guernsey Breed Club
Society/Club Websites
AZ Dairy Goat Association Arizona State Dairy Goat Club
 Northern Foothills Dairy Goat Club Central Kansas dairy goat club
Boone Companions Goat Club in Central Missouri
USBGA United States Boer Goat Society



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